Flux Node Installation

It's important to be cautious of scammers who may try to take advantage of you. Only seek help through official channels such as this Wiki and the Flux Helpdesk to avoid fraudulent activities. Unofficial help can be obtained at your own risk on our Discord Server.


Copy and paste the following command to your terminal to run multitoolbox:

bash -i <(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/RunOnFlux/fluxnode-multitool/master/multitoolbox.sh)

After running the command above for the first time, you can now access multitoolbox from your terminal at any time simply by typing the command:



You will be presented with a list of options. Select option 1 to install Docker by pressing 1 on your keyboard.

You will be asked to select a username of your choice. Remember to choose a username that you will easily recall since it will be necessary to log in to your server with in future. It's important not to forget your chosen username.

Docker installation will take a few minutes. When you are prompted to switch to the user account, press "Y".


Next, we will need to retrieve your node information. If you have not yet created your node in Zelcore, please refer to the instructions in Node Collateral. To access your node information in Zelcore, click on "Apps" and then click on "Fluxnode". Locate your node and click on the "edit" button.

Now, in your terminal, select option 6 in multitoolbox. Copy each piece of information from Zelcore (Identity Key Collateral TX ID, Output Index) and paste it into the corresponding box in your terminal.


To retrieve your Zel ID, navigate to Zelcore and click on "Apps," followed by "Zel ID." Your Zel ID will be displayed below the QR code. Click on it to copy your Zel ID to the clipboard. When prompted for the Zel ID in your terminal, paste it from your clipboard.


When using KDA always use the address beginning with k:

By providing a Kadena (KDA) address, you become eligible to receive occasional additional rewards. To access your KDA address in Zelcore, you must first add it as an asset. Open Zelcore, select your desired wallet, and click on "Add Assets". In the search bar, type "KDA" and select the KDA icon when it appears.

If you don't see the KDA asset in your wallet, you may need to unhide assets with a zero balance. To do this, click "Show Zero Sum".

To retrieve your KDA address, navigate to the KDA asset within Zelcore and click on "Receive." Leave the Chain ID as 0 and click "Continue." Click the address to copy it to your clipboard and paste it to the relevant box in your terminal.


Enabling autoupdate ensures that Flux updates are installed automatically without requiring your intervention. However, it is advisable to disable automatic updates and instead opt for manual installation. This approach allows you to have more control and time to address any unforeseen issues that might affect your node's uptime. For instructions on how to perform manual updates, please refer to Updates and Maintenance

It is crucial to install Flux updates before any enforcement date to prevent your node from going offline. Details about upcoming updates and enforcement dates can be found on our Discord Channel in the "Announcements" and "Maintenance Notices" channels.


Alert notifications serve as a means to receive messages about any issues or significant notifications concerning your node, either through Discord or Telegram. It is highly advised to enable this feature. Use the space key to toggle the options then press Enter.


To access your discord server webhook URL please follow this guide: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/228383668-Intro-to-Webhooks

Enabling nick ping in Discord will give you a notification each time an alert is made. To enable this feature you will need your Discord User ID which can be accessed by following this guide: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/206346498-Where-can-I-find-my-User-Server-Message-ID-


In Telegram search for @BotFather and begin a chat with it.

In the chat enter the following command:


Now follow the steps to access your Telegram Bot Token and paste this to the relevant screen in your terminal.


You can use any name for your node. If you run multiple nodes it will be helpful to use a name that helps you differentiate between them.


Change this setting according to your Node Networkingsetup.


If you are running a Thunder node, i.e. a Cumulus Node with an additional 10GB of storage and increased bandwidth, select "Yes". Otherwise select "No".


Next, run option 2 in multitoolbox to install Flux. Please note that this process usually takes more than 20 minutes, and the duration will vary depending on your download speed.

After the installation is complete, use the following command in your terminal to verify if your Fluxnode has successfully passed the benchmarks:

fluxbench-cli getbenchmarks

If the status shows "FAILED" please check Diagnosing Issues

If the status shows "RUNNING" wait 5 minutes before running the command again. Once the status shows your node tier (CUMULUS, NIMBUS or STRATUS) you can start your node,


Once your benchmark is passing you can start the node. In the Zelcore app go to "Apps", then "Fluxnode". Click on your node and press "START". The status of your node will change to "confirmed" within 20 minutes.

The "start" button will only appear once your transaction has 100 or more confirmations.

Congratulations your Fluxnode is now installed and working. It is recommended that you check the Monitoringand Updates and Maintenance sections of this wiki to periodically check your node is working correctly.

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