Removing a node and unlocking your collateral

It's important to be cautious of scammers who may try to take advantage of you. Only seek help through official channels such as this Wiki and the Flux Helpdesk to avoid fraudulent activities. Unofficial help can be obtained at your own risk on our Discord Server.

If you wish to remove a node and unlock your Flux in Zelcore, the process is straightforward and quick. To begin, navigate to the Apps/FluxNodes section in Zelcore and select the node(s) you want to delete. Then, click the delete button.

It's important to avoid refreshing or revisiting the FluxNodes screen in Zelcore during this process, as doing so will cause your funds to lock again, requiring you to repeat the deletion process.

Once the deletion is complete, click the back button and navigate to the wallet where your funds are stored. Your funds are now unlocked and available for transfer.

If you plan on keeping the Flux in your wallet, we recommend creating a new transaction to prevent the funds from becoming locked again. To achieve this, simply send any amount that is not required for node collateral, as specified in Node Collateral. For instance, if you have removed a Cumulus node, you could try sending 999.99 Flux or 1000.01 Flux.

The hardware running your FluxNode has no impact on your funds and can be switched off at any time without risking your collateral.

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