5 - Restore Flux Blockchain

Restore blockchain on your Flux Node

Option 5 is used to get your node synced with the Flux blockchain. Only use this option if you notice that your node is reporting it is not synced with the blockchain. You can view this by running 3 - Analyzer and Fixer and checking the daemon status.

Reasons to run Option 5

  • The node has been offline for a few days or weeks and you would like to download a fresh copy of the blockchain to get the node synced up. Most of the time your node will start syncing blocks as soon as it comes back online, but if the node has been down for quite sometime then it is helpful to use this script.

  • Your node is reporting that it is no longer synced with the Flux blockchain and your blocks behind are increasing.

Before running option 5 please run this command to remove any archived bootstrap files that might be present on your node. This will ensure you have the most recent version of the bootstrap file.

rm -f $HOME/flux_explorer_bootstrap.tar.gz

Option 5 will ask a few questions along the way, please see below.

  • Choose a method how to get bootstrap file - Select option 1 (Download from source build in script)
  • Would you like remove bootstrap archive file? - Answer YES

Using this method will then start running a speedtest on the available bootstrap servers to pick the best one for your region. Then it will download and unpack the bootstrap archive file and restart the Flux Daemon and Benchmark services.

If you still have an issue after running this command to sync your Flux daemon, please contact support. https://support.runonflux.io/

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