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14 - Enable Multi-node (UPnP)

Please see the Node Networking guide for a detailed explanation of how and why to enable UPnP for a multi-node setup. Node Networking
A few things to note when running option 14
  • Maximum on 8 nodes per public IP Address
  • Valid API ports are (16127, 16137, 16147, 16157, 16167, 16177, 16187, 16197)
  • You will need to verify your gateway's IP address when running option 14.

Toggle UPnP Mode

Toggle UPnP Mode

Enter Desired API Port

Enter Desired API Port From List

Verify UPnP Router IP Address

The install script will likely show the correct IP Address for your router, but if you have a more advanced networking setup this may need to be configured manually.
Verify UPnP Router IP Address