11 - Reconfigure Flux OS

Option 11 allows you to reconfigure a few items about your Flux OS installation.

Change or Update Zel ID

If you need to update or change your Zel ID then you can do so here. This could potentially happen if you entered the information incorrectly during the install OR if you migrated your node collateral to a different wallet all together.

Change or Update KDA address

Your KDA (Kadena) address is used in some node tiers for rewards for running KDA nodes or MOK apps on your node.

Toggle Development Mode

This option allows you to put your Flux OS on edge code that will get the updates to the network before they roll onto the main net. It is sometimes advised to put nodes on the Development branch if there are ongoing issues which are being investigated OR if you want to test the development code on a node before it is pushed to main-net. If you are instructed to put your node on the development branch then you would do so with this option.

Toggle Thunder Mode

This option allows you to turn a running node into a storage node. This will enable the Flux Benchmark tool to test your node for the updated storage requirements.

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