6 - Create Install Config File

This option allows the user to create an install configuration file that is used during the normal Flux Node install (option 2).

During Option 6 you will be asked all of the details about your Flux Node setup, including collateral details, watchdog information, upnp setup and more. Please have those details available before running option 6 to speed up the process.

When you are finished with Option 6 the script will create an installation config file that will be used during Node installation. This is extremely helpful for a couple of reasons.

  1. Allows you to simply run Option 2 and will not prompt for any information along the way. It will simply pull all of your details from the install config file to setup your node. Simply run Option 2 and go grab a coffee, the script will take care of the rest.

  2. If the you ever have to re-install the Flux Node for any reason you can simply run Option 2 right away and let the script take care of the rest. It won't prompt you for any additional details and will speed up the installation process.

Items you will need during Option 6

  • Flux Node details from Zelcore

    • Identity Key

    • Collateral TX ID

    • Collateral Output Index

  • Zel ID from Zelcore

    • Zelcore -> Apps -> ZelID (click on thumbprint to copy ID)

  • Discord UserID for Watchdog Pings

    • User Settings -> My Account -> Click ... beside Username -> Copy ID

  • Discord Webhook for Watchdog Notifications

    • Create a channel in your personal server that you would like to use for notifications

    • Edit Channel (gear icon) -> Integrations -> Webhooks -> New Webhook -> Copy Webhook URL

  • UPnP port details - (UPnP gateway address and Node API port)

    • This part is only used when you have multiple nodes on your network OR if you plan to use UPnP on a single node setup.

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