Virtualized Server using Windows

It's important to be cautious of scammers who may try to take advantage of you. Only seek help through official channels such as this Wiki and the Flux Helpdesk to avoid fraudulent activities. Unofficial help can be obtained at your own risk on our Discord Server.

While not the recommended approach, you can run a Flux Node using a virtualized Linux installation on your Windows PC. Two commonly used options are VMWare Workstation and Oracle VirtualBox. This method involves creating a virtual machine and installing Linux alongside your Windows environment, effectively allowing you to host a Flux Node on your Windows PC.

It is important to note that your Windows PC must remain powered on 24/7, and activities such as gaming, virus scans, and other resource-intensive operations can negatively affect the performance of your Flux Node, potentially causing it to fall below the minimum hardware requirements. Hence, while it is an option, we do not recommend using Windows to host a Flux Node.

You can refer to the YouTube guide for installing with Oracle VirtualBox here:

A guide for installing using VMWare Workstation Pro is available here:

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